Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

NS issue

Radio Rebels Ruffle Government

The Issue
The 'Underground Element', a newly formed resistance force to the governing party in Erisianna, has begun broadcasting anti-government messages over a network of public radio stations.

The Debate
1. "These rebels are harmless," says Pip Shiomi, political commentator. "In the interests of free speech and democracy, we should allow them to broadcast their messages. There's nothing wrong with a little criticism of the government - indeed, it could do with some more incentive to perform well."

2. "It'd be one thing if it was genuinely insightful criticism," says Pip Summers, your personal advisor. "But this is a disgrace! It's simply fear-mongering and government-bashing. We should shut down these punks before they fill our citizens' heads full of mistruths. And while we're at it, there are a few other radio stations that need to smarten up their attitude to the government, too."

3. "Now now, let's be reasonable about this," muses Fleur Jones, radio chatshow host. "The government should think very carefully before it gets into the business of telling people what they can and can't say on the air. The solution here is not to ban criticism, but to price radio station licenses at an appropriate level - that is, higher than a rabble of unshaven hippies can afford."

Arms Manufacturing Workers Strike!

The Issue
Workers across the nation have gone out on indefinite strike over what they claim are substandard wages in the Arms Manufacturing industry.

The Debate
1. "We are the backbone of this country, and we demand a fair wage rise!" says union leader Elizabeth Rubin. "I don't think a 20% increase over two years is too much to ask. Unless the government forces employers to give us our due, we'll shut this whole industry down! Let's see how well Erisianna's economy manages without any Arms Manufacturing, huh?"

2. "We pay our employees very generous wages," says employer representative Max du Pont. "Especially when you consider that without us, they'd be OUT ON THE STREET. Hear that, you scumbags? OUT ON THE STREET! Anyway, my point is, if you cave in, you make our entire industry uncompetitive. You can't do that in the global marketplace. It'll hurt the whole country. The best solution, economically speaking, would be to relax industrial laws and allow us to fire troublemakers on the spot."
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