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Genetics Brings New Life to Extinct Species

The Issue
Scientists have announced they are close to a breakthrough in their quest to revive the feather-bellied fnord, a species related to Erisianna's national animal that has been extinct for more than a century.

The Debate
1. "I, for one, applaud their work," says scientist Falala Hanover. "And not just because I'm the project leader. This is an example of how Erisianna's brains can mix it with the world's best. Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to have feather-bellied fnords frolicking in the meadows again? I say full steam ahead, and more government funding!"

2. "This is a sacrilege!", says religious leader Peggy Hendrikson. "These animals are extinct because God wants them dead. Cloning them would merely incur his wrath! If we proceed down this path, it'll be humans, not the feather-bellied fnord, who will be extinct."

3. "Now, come on," says Melbourne Jong-Il, well-known philosopher. "You don't need to be religious to be unnerved by the top of this particular slippery slope. Today it's fnords, tomorrow it's dinosaurs, and we all know how that turns out. This research shouldn't be banned, but there must be strict government controls over its use."

Yaaaay, Erisianna's economy is now "strong"!
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