Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

NS issue

Diving For golden apples

The Issue
Divers from a local scuba club have discovered an enormous underwater gold deposit that could be worth billions of golden apples in one of Erisianna's lakes. It has also caused a huge debate over who should be allowed to plunder the goods.

The Debate
1. Billy Hendrikson, a cabinet member, would like the government to seize the deposit. "This is an excellent time to boost Erisianna's economy and increase our foreign trade with other countries! Who cares about the people that discovered the deposit? They've done their country a great favor and should let us have the money!"

2. Miranda Summers, a civil rights activist, vehemently disagrees. "The deposit was found by private citizens and it should be their choice of what to do with the gold. If the government goes around stealing what is rightfully ours, then I shudder to think I live in such a corrupt country. These people discovered the gold, it's now their time to get rich! Nevermind the fact they were diving in a lake on government property!"

3. "We should do what now?" Environmentalist Sue-Ann Bush exclaims. "Do you have any idea how damaging it would be to the environment to mine the gold under that lake? Think of all the aquatic life that would be disrupted or destroyed! Think of how an otherwise pristine lake view would be ruined! Forget the gold and keep those money-grubbing pigs away from nature!"
Tags: nationstates

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