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Artsy me - by Micha

NS issue

Affirmative Action in Erisianna?

The Issue
After a recent high-profile case of a minority student being refused admission to a traditional, prestigous college, civil rights activists, conservatives, and teachers are up in arms about affirmative action and ethnic equality in education.

The Debate
1. "This is just another attempt to discriminate against people of color," declares civil-rights activist, former TV commentator and unabashed publicity speaker Fleur Utopia. "If people are disadvantaged in their upbringing they they should be given an 'equal' chance to succeed in college."

2. "The affirmative action programs aren't necessary at all." Rejoins conservative speaker and hair care product salesman Jazz Trax. "If you really want to treat everyone equally, as you claim, how can you support special treatment for a few so-called minority groups? Besides, it would cost even more money to enforce."

3. "I think you are both looney," says Akira Winters, professor of liberal arts at Erisianna National University. "All education should be open to everyone regardless of their grades in high school, economic status or academic prowess. Free college education should be available to every citizen of Erisianna, no matter what the cost!"