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Artsy me - by Micha

Bring back JW_community!

Come on people, nothing's been posted there since May!!! Let's bring it back to life!


sweetie some of us do post there however you need to get Tony to add you to the members so you can see the posts.
Then where's Tony and why the heck hasn't he added me yet??? :'( I sent him an e-mail... A fairly long time ago... No reply yet... And why are all the new posts members-only?
well when Tony created the community he made it so that we all should post as friends only as some would like to not have others who are against the truth posting negativities
Yeah, and I totally agree that it's best this way. But non-friends are allowed to at least read the older posts... Why not the newer ones?
there are many posts that are not viewable. i am not sure if you have gone to the calendar or not... but you should see that there are posts made that are not seen by non members. one thing also is the fact that NOT MANY ACTUALLY POST which stinks....
I'd post, but I'm not a member... I'm working on that (well, no, I'm waiting for Tony to wake up and do something about it)...