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Artsy me - by Micha

Ups and downs

If I try to remember what happened this afternoon (after I woke up :-P) it seems like it was yesterday, or even longer ago. I woke up late, went to my driving lessons (23 days till exam and counting), came home, took a nap... The real day started much later, when I arrived at the congregation.

So I decided that today, unlike most days, I wouldn't sit next to Denise, but I'd spend some time with Cecilia, since it was starting to feel like I only spoke to her to ask for a ride home... So there I was, second row, sitting to Cecilia's left, only one seat next to me.

And it was Leo's turn to do the reading (I swear I didn't know!) so he sat on the front row, right in front of me. Right after staring at him for 5 minutes his part, he sat back down where he was before and asked me for a favor. I said all right and he moved to that one seat next to me. Then asked for my Kingdom Ministry... To lend to someone else. Then he came back to share his own KM with me.

So, I don't think I need to say that having Leo sit next to me for an hour was an up... Yes, I know it's a silly thing, but I'm a silly person :-P So blah to you who called me silly! ***shakes fist at a couple of startled-looking by-standers***

Anyway, as all things he does, that got me thinking. Why me? Practically everybody there had their own KM and wouldn't mind lending it. He did ask me if I'd written anything on it, maybe he guessed I wouldn't have prepared the study ***blush*** and that's why he came to me. Maybe he thought I would be nice enough to lend it, but so would many other people. Maybe I was just the nearest person to him... That's the most likely alternative, really... Or MAYBE he wanted to ask me a favor, as he did...

He asked me to check out on the Internet if he passed the exam to get into college (vestibular). Turns out he didn't. I actually got upset for him! That totally sucks... And now I get to give him the bad news. Great! :-/



hey, im a lj friend of sarah's, do u mind if i add you to my lj friends??

i need more... =(

btw my name is Caris

Re: ??

Hi Caris! Cool, someone I don't know actually contacted me... That's a first. It's usually the other way around.

I don't mind that you added me, I'll add you back (but it won't make much of a difference, all my posts are public :-P). Are you a Jehovah's witness too?

Re: ??

hey cool

yep i am

alrite have a good un!!!