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I seriously need to get organized, get my life together... Most of the time during the day I'm just online, or watching TV, or just doing nothing... Sure it's fun at first, but now I'm feeling completely useless. Plus, I'm going to sleep later and later at night, and that's not going to be an easy habit to break when classes start again, and I'll have classes in the mornings in the next semester...

I sometimes joke telling people I'm a spoilt brat or a lazy bum (or both), but lately I've realized how true these statements are, and it's bothering me in many levels... Man, I wish I had been properly educated to be my own person from early on my life, been a regular kid who spent all her life in one place, with the same friends, in the same school and neighborhood, with chores and hobbies...

I wouldn't want to have had a different life because that's what made me who I am today, and I know I'm not as horrible as I'm thinking I am right now. But I know I'm going to have a hard time to improve myself the way I want to. And I'm not used to having a hard time to do anything... It was good while it lasted. Now I need to grow up.
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