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Artsy me - by Micha

LONDON, July 24 - The British police on Sunday defended the killing of an innocent man on a subway train and a shoot-to-kill policy as Britain's political establishment rallied around the policies of Prime Minister Tony Blair in his antiterror campaign. (...) "It wasn't just a random event, and the most important thing to recognize is that it is still happening out there," Sir Ian said Sunday in an interview with Sky News TV. He added, "Somebody else could be shot."

-NY Times


Blech. Yes, justify it...ugh. Another quote I read was that if they didn't shoot him and he turned out to be a terrorist then there would be an uproar. How about you just make sure of who or what someone is BEFORE you shoot, is it THAT hard?

I do wonder why he ran...he is reported to have spoken English. Ahh well....nothing can bring him back now sadly.
I heard his visa was expired.

But then, there's the possibility he just saw a bunch of guys dressed in plain clothes holding guns running in his direction.
Yeah if I saw a bunch of guys running toward me I'd run too...I'd be thinking I was going to get robbed or something. I have no criminal record, but I'd be scared! If they are plain clothes then you don't know that they are cops. If they'd just asked questions first before shooting this would never have happened. So sad...man's world is so corrupt.
I would've run too.
that's awful