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Artsy me - by Micha

Today on NY Times

"If journalists cannot be trusted to guarantee confidentiality, then journalists cannot function and there cannot be a free press."

Go Judith Miller!


Wasn't she the lady who wouldn't tell the neame of the anonymous CIA person she got some facts from? Just making sure, I've heard it a few times...
Except....when someone's life has been endangered and there's a cover-up so that person who reveals the name dosn't get punished.
Erm... what?
That's what this whole thing is about...this reporter irresponsibily gave out the real name of an undercover CIA agent in the article she wrote, blowing her cover and endangering her life. She refuses to name who told her (who also shares responsibility) so hence that's why she's going before courts. In this case, though she chose to name the agent, her source needs to be held responsible for endangering the life of this agent and her family. It's a theory (though not proven) that it's in retaliation for something done or said by Prez. Bush...that she revealed the name of this agent as retaliation against him. Something is going on...since people don't go around naming CIA agents unless they had an alterior motive.
I don't know about that, but what she said about free press rings very true to me.
Do some esearch online...it's a big buzz here in the states. what she says is true....except she dosn't deserve it. Freedom of speech and press only can go so far...especially when you endanger someone's life.
I'll do that.