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Artsy me - by Micha

New hair

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I'm a walking advertisement for the hair dye industry.
I'm the one in the middle, btw. With my parents
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The red in your hair looks so cool, especially contrasted to the dark hair! Your nail polish matches well.
Thanks! My hair looks right out of a cartoon...
you are so pretty. The picture took a few seconds to load so from the text I was expecting blonde and green and blue hair. It's pretty. :)
Thank you, and thank you! I did want to dye my hair blue, but then I didn't =b
You are pretty, and the haircolor looks very good on you!
Yay! Thanks! =D
You can click it and make it bigger, but then you might change your mind about me being pretty =b

And yes, we do all look good in red. Or just about any other hair color.
I, on the other hand, am so white I'm nearly transparent. And I used to have such a nice tan when I was a kid... Maybe I'll post some pictures of kid andi now that I have a scanner =b
Thank you, and yes, she does... Kills dad, though =b
Andi i adore the red its goregous!!
I do love teh red =)