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Artsy me - by Micha

OMG my Internet was down for almost 48h straight!

I thought I was going to die!! I really did! Well, no, but I did experience some symptoms of withdrawal.

Not much happened these last 2 days. I finally quit being a lazy bum (for a couple of hours) yesterday and went to the mall to buy a bikini, the Internet was down anyway.

Today I had my last exam, it wasn't too difficult, so hopefully I passed. At the congregation there were lots of great speeches, as usual, and I keep hearing more and more things that apply to my situation with Leo. My situation of how I feel about Leo, actually. And I heard him use the expression "woman worth investing on"... I wish it was all a joke. If it's me, we can't do anything about it, if it's someone else I'd nearly die. Or kill someone... Whatever.

I spoke to Keila again, the Jehovah's Witness psychologist, I'm calling her tomorrow to set up a proper appointment for an evaluation.

Saturday a bunch of people are going to the movies to see "Dom". You haven't heard of this film, of course, it's brasilian. Leo MIGHT go, he said he has work on Saturday, but he'd try... I'll try not to get as worked up over this as I did with last Saturday's thing.

I apologize in advance if I can't post for another couple of days, I happen to have no control over my Internet connection... Which sucks, but I think it won't happen again for a while. At least I hope it won't.