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Artsy me - by Micha

I do like them, really

But the more I listen to Dashboard Confessional, the more I'm convinced that EMO is an excuse kids use to listen to pop without getting kicked out of the scene...


ha ha.. I love your theory. :-D Noncomformists are all alike. ;)
Who's a non-conformist? *I'm* a non-conformist?? O.o
I used to wear a pin on my purse that said that because everyone at my school who considered themselves to be "noncomformists" dressed and acted the same. Black clothes, red plaid, black hair, etc.
LMAO! Kids...
But here in Brazil these bands are *not* popular. Nobody knows them. They know Britney Spears and N'Sync and... whatever is playing on the radio these days. I'm only complaining that after listening to Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Social Distortion, Korn etc, bands like Dashboard, Good Charlotte and Eve 6 sound very pop/dance-ish. Even though I still remember a time where I thought myself to be really punk for listening to GC...

But I still listen to them, and whatever else I feel like. They just don't have the same effect anymore =)
I don't listen to the stuff I liked when I was much younger, mostly because back then I liked kid's stuff =b And then I had a very pop phase that I'd rather not talk about...

Bright Eyes, you say? I'll download some and get back to you.
dashboard confessional is far from emo.
What are they, then? And what bands do you consider really emo?
I hate myself, jawbreaker, lifetime, early saves the day, braid, cap n jazz, early-promise ring, state route 522, moss icon, hoover, embrace, get up kids, casket lottery, mineral, christie front drive, american football, early-cursive, alkaline trio, hot water music, appleseed cast, first jimmy eat world record, and many other bands were actual emo.

emo was a branch of hardcore where the singers would almost cry onstage, it was actually started in washington dc. then when it spread to the midwest, it became less hardcore and more punk centered. it sounded like a slower, screamy punk rock with quick chord progression. then alot of bands distanced themselves from the emo sound and these little punk bands started picking emo up and calling it their own but they really aren't emo.
Oooh. Nice! Thanks. I'll save that list for dowloads =)

Kill an Emo...

Scene.. Shmeen.. I am cool. That's all i really care about.

Re: Kill an Emo...

Yeah! Us cool kids don't care about a scene!