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Does EVERYONE know???

Today I had the study of the book Isaiah with a dozen other members of the congregation. For this study, the whole congregation is divided into a bunch of smaller groups for some (good) reason. One of the elders (our congregation has five) directs the study.

Tonight, after the last prayer, the elder, brother Demetri, Alex's dad, decided to take a moment to thank us for helping out in cleaning the Kingdom Hall last Sunday. Eight of us went "and even one person who didn't have to be there", his words (translated, of course). Then he said in a suspiciously ironic way that he had no idea what could've made Leo feel like joining us, but he knew it wasn't him... I could feel all the blood in my body rushing to my face and there was nothing I could do.

Why, why did he need to do that? Why did Leo come on Sunday? Why did brother Demetri need to spend what seemed like such an enormous amount of time on the subject? Are people still suspecting that Leo and I are together? Why?? We've barely spoken to each other for the last month or so! People are weird...

Hopefully they'll have forgotten all about it by next Thursday.
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