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Artsy me - by Micha


You know, 15 icons really isn't a lot...


Exactly how I felt half an hour ago?
*pets my 50 icon ability with gentle love and affection*

I think I might get that. Maybe next month. I haven't even used the 15 I uploaded yet, it just seems too few compared to the 184 I have in my computer.
i know. That's why I have 50. =D
Is there any way to have, like, 200?
*laughs* I don't think so. but if you have a GJ....you can have 1000. for free.

i need 200 here as well. lol
Woah! Now, why can't LJ be like that? =(
I have never changed my icon once. I'm so un-creative...
Have I mentioned how much your icon annoys me? I have mentioned it to Tony dozens of times.

"That guy with the creepy Escher eye icon.."

*deletes your icon once and for all*
Shaddap! His icon is fine, miss "oh, lookit me, i got 50 icons".

Actually I think I have 48. I need to put 2 of my others in the other two slots.


What if this rainbow doesn't exist?


Your just jealous.
You have a cool icon, though. Mine are more mood oriented, so I keep changing them. Yours doesn't have to be.