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Artsy me - by Micha

eBaum's World animations

Probably everyone on the internet has seen these already, but, just in case, here's a few animations worth checking out...

She Blocked Me
More Sex Than Me
Banana Phone
End Of The World


Yup yup, those 4 are the best at eBaum's World as far as I'm concerned. "She Blocked Me" I liked for, uh, personal reasons, "More Sex Than Me" I relate way too much to, "Banana Phone" was the creepiest thing I'd seen in a long time and "End Of The World" still cracks me up, no matter how many times I watch it...

Gotta love your flash animations =)
lol..i was just looking at that sight yesterday! and watched half of those yesterday. that sight is so funny.
It really is =)