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You know you're Brazilian when...

You Know You're Brazilian When....

You didn't know anything about bills until you came to the US.

You still wear speedos to the beach or pool!

You like Guarana better than Coke.

If someone tells you to be at a certain place at 1:00 pm, you don't show up until 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.

You know who Xuxa and Pele are.

Your entire family goes to grandma's house on Sundays for a big family get together....even when you guys see each other everyday.

You can name at least 30 novelas and 10000 actors/actresses. something like that...

BBQ means steak, sausage, chicken wings, pork, rice, farofa, molho and beer.

You are the loudest person in the room.

You got a Brazilian flag hanging from your car's rearview mirror. i don't have a car! =(

You travel to Brazil and instead of taking a suitcase with all your stuff, you take presents for the entire family, the dog, the neighbor, not to mention the old/used clothes that you take just in case someone needs it.

You live in Florida, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts.

You leave your house spotless when you have people coming over.

An ideal woman is a woman with small breasts and a big butt.

You understand & speak Spanish, but when you say a word in Portuguese no one understands you.

You can dance.

Your jokes are always about Portuguese people.

You take soccer too seriously.

You go to a birthday party,and you can't leave until you take that piece of cake home. any party, really. and, yeah, every party's gotta have cake. CAKE!

You know what Capoeira is. i can play it! kinda...

You know a lot about Samba and Pagode. down with pagode! long live national rock!

You`ve studied the history of almost every country. pretty much

You eat rice and beans at least 7 days a week. nah, only 6. sunday is pasta! =D

Your breakfast consists of milk and coffee, bread with butter,and a piece of cake.

Everyone thinks you're everything but Brazilian.

You know who Os Trapalhoes, Turma da Monica, Zico, Caetano Veloso, Tom Jobim, Elis Regina, Ronaldinho, Jo Soares, Cazuza, Gilberto Gil, Silvio Santos, Roberto Carlos, Ayrton Senna, amd Carmem Miranda are.

You go to a bar and ask for salgadinhos with guarana.

You are so used to corruption that nothing surprises you anymore.

You know how to play dominoes and cards. who doesn't? people take dominoes quite seriously here...

You dont care about race or color. And once you come to the US, you realize what racism means.

You have a sense of fashion. down with fashion!

You wear slippers..a lot!

You know how to play volleyball and handball. just because i know how, doesn't mean i enjoy doing so

You always taking pictures everywhere you go. only in trips and stuff

You know what it's like to buy liquor without an ID.

You know how to party, and if the party isnt over after 5am...its not a party! 5am is a bit late. make it 3am

Any holiday...being it official or not, is an excuse to stay home from work and take a week vacation. w00t w00t

You know what feijoada and pave are.

Your favorite drink is Caipirinha.

You dress up to go to the supermarket.

You spend a entire day at the beach.

You are too friendly.

You're proud to be Brazilian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Brazilian friends!

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