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Artsy me - by Micha

Where did everybody come from??

Woah. I really didn't expect that big a reaction...


Yeah. And the debate is still going...
Nearly 200 by now...

Oh dear...

Thank heaven for e-mail notifications.

Thank you, by the by, for the interesting perspectives. I'll be honest, I'd never met someone both childfree AND antiabortion before- you'll be happy to know you cahnged at least one assumption today!

Re: Oh dear...

Yay for changing assumptions! =D
I enjoy being quirky. I'm adding you so you don't have to be screened anymore. And I feel like it.
I have to agree with your note that spawned 100 zillion messages. My mom was 42 when she had me...it was an accident, not planned. Over the years I have really seen the disadvantage of being an older parent.....and I've sworn that I would never become one (hopefully we'll be in the new system soon enough and I won't have to worry about it!).

The actor Tony Randall died sometime last year and he had several very young children. Those kids had to go through watching their dad die....and thats something that no young child should have to go through. No older child either of course, but my point being that being an older parent isn't what its cracked up to be, and I was always embarressed for having an older set of parents.

I love them dearly, and I have benefited from their wisdom. I just wish they had been younger is all...but time can't be taken back.