Andrea Coelho (maidden) wrote,
Andrea Coelho

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An oath

I hereby solemnly swear I shall never act upon a rash decision to delete my journal, even though it is possible to undo such an action within 30 days. I shall not delete it if I grow bored with, or if, upon re-reading, I realize my own patheticness and become ashamed of having it publicly displayed. I may turn most embarrassing posts friends-only or private if I choose to do so, but not permanently delete them. They shall remain as a reminder of my late teen years regardless of how ridiculous they seem later on, until such time when LiveJournal or SixApart decide to get rid of me.

Now seriously, though, I don't have a single one of my childhood journals, I destroyed them all on impulse after re-reading years later. Now I kind of wish I had them, I'd be able to complain about how I wanted to accomplish things and didn't. Well, I can do that anyway, but old journals would be a good source.
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