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Artsy me - by Micha

After a long day...

I went to sleep WAY too late last night to wake up as early as I did today, but I wanted to go on field service (door-to-door preaching, you must've heard of it, it's like Jehovah's Witnesses' trademark).

I helped clean up the Kingdom Hall. Leo came to help even though he didn't have to... I wonder why... Perhaps he enjoys cleaning... ;-)

The speech at the congregation today was great! I wish I hadn't forgotten my notebook. A part of it talked about how hard it is to control the heart with the mind. Nearly impossible, I'd say. But it was still a very good speech.

Oh, crap, I think my cousin just found out about Leo. Can't be sure, but I still need to do some damage control. I'll write more tomorrow.
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Turns out my cousin only found out that I have a crush on someone, but not who.

Thank God!