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Artsy me - by Micha

First of the year - a little late

I thought I'd post something about the tsunami, but nearly everybody already did, so I'll just say if you can help, please do. A highschool friend of mine lived lives there, no one has heard from him since before it happened.

On other, much lighter news, I just found out yesterday I need to wear glasses. Astigmatism. Sucky...


I went to the mall and picked some nice ones. Let's just hope I can get used to them, I heard astigmatism gets worse faster if you strain your eyes =/

I've tried all I could think of to find out something about my friend, but when even people at the site can't locate their family members, one has little hope of finding a friend from across the globe...
Sorry to hear that. Really hope you hear good news from him soon. :)

And glasses really is not that terrible, I've got glasses for computer work and sometimes when I wear them just for fun. You can find some that fits every style now. Otherwise there's always lenses.
It's not so much the wearing glasses that bugs me, I've always liked glasses and when I was a kid I used to beg eye doctors to prescribe me some, but they never did because my eyesight was perfect. Now, it's not. That is what bugs me...

I'm very anxious about my indonesian friend. I hadn't heard of him in a while, and even if he's alright, I don't expect I'll be able to find out any time soon. This not knowing is horrible.