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Artsy me - by Micha

This is what happens...

ATTENTION!! The following link is an apostate site. You might not want to click if you believe that reading such material might destroy your faith, or if you're "spiritually weak", or if you believe it might incur the wrath of God.


The above link is a forum discussing, in this particular thread, the behavior of JWs on LJ. They link to this post of mine, to show the ridiculous argument it caused, and this post of candy_mmm, which they assume is about me. I'm just glad they didn't write about that, but I didn't hang around to find out.

That is what happens when we, who are supposed to be setting an example, don't have enough tolerance and respect among ourselves so as not to give apostates something to talk about. Isn't there even a verse in the bible about that? Not giving "the enemy" something bad to talk about us?


"Be wise... and make my heart rejice, that I might make a reply to him that is taunting me." -- Proverbs... something (no CD at work, sorry)

If the Watchtower were just written by men, then there would be nothing special about their counsel. But something overwhelms me when I ponder their advice against getting too involved with people on the Internet. I see stuff like this, and people who, for all intents and purposes seem like brothers and sisters but can't help but to disseminate unproductive discussion, and I realize how much wisdom there is in their counsel. Ironically, it's not based on some new insight, but on the same principles in the Bible, such as those warning against deceptive reasonings, empty philosophies, and endless debates about words. I see Jehovah's hand in such counsel; certainly it is at least solidly based in His wise principles. Conversely, I see Satan's hand in these constant barrages on our faith and our brotherhood. We can save ourselves much stress and agony if we just listen to Jehovah in the beginning, so we don't have to learn the hard way, after running through the briar patch and getting wounded all over. ... I'm pondering disbanding my lifeless community, because it's not doing any good.
That`s Proverbs 27:11 you`re quoting, but I was thinking of 1 Peter 3:16.
"Hold a good conscience, so that in the particular in which you are spoken against they may get ashamed who are speaking slightingly of your good conduct in connection with Christ."

Also a good Scripture... probably cross-referenced in the reference Bible... but without my CD *sniff* I wouldn't know.
I`m without my cd too, took me a good 20 min to find it `cause i couldn`t remember the exact wording =/
Would you perchance have me in mind?
well, I did find this but i'm not sure if this is what you are thinking of.

2 John again confirms this obligation and shows the seriousness of the matter, at 1 John 4:20 and 21, where he writes: “If anyone makes the statement: ‘I love God,’ and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar. For he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot be loving God, whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him, that the one who loves God should be loving his brother also.” So this matter of showing agápe love, self-sacrificing love, for one’s Christian brother or sister is a very serious thing, because thereby we show that we love Jehovah God himself.
Thank you, ruby, I hadn`t even remembered that. Very good point.
p.s. although i didnt read the apostate site, i did read the lj posts you mentioned. its too bad when we take things out of context. reading all of that made me very tired (im sick already anyway) but i think i got a lot out of it. surprisingly. lol
Hope you feel better. Reading those posts/comments makes me sick myself...
Bah on the whole subject..
Pointless arguing is just that.. Pointless. And unproductive. I know Jesus doesn't but i tend to judge something/someone based on what they accomplish. Arguing accomplishes nothing..

Also a side-bar; there are currently 2,399,520 ACTIVE live journal users. With tons and tons of content in their journals. It seems a little too convenient that someone would just stumble across a post like that. I didn't link to the site either but it seems that someone would have to bring it to their attention.
They probably search for JW-related interests...
In any case, I found them by just googling my user name! You'd think they'd bother to at least let me know they were talking about me =b
It's refreshing to see a lot of comments quoting comforting scriptures after a disheartening post like this. Thanks to all of you who quoted those. :)
I'm not being condemnatory or judgmental of you, I'm just curious if you now feel that that essay I wrote was incorrect.
Perhaps pointless and unproductive.

The actual number of Witnesses who 'believe everything the Watchtower says without question (i.e.: prayerful study), for example, is more than likely a very small number. And if you question a brother or sister who says, "But the WT said...", they will likely pull out their Bibles and summarize the article through Scripture. At least, when one asks questions like that in my hall they tend to do that. Or suggest that you read the article again and read ALL the Scriptures.

The bottom line is, what GOOD does any of this arguing and 'debating about words' DO anyone? NONE! It's not as if you've uncovered some detrimental consipracy of deception and sinfulness uncommon to man. But it doesn't seem as if your essay has had any lasting good effect. It's more of a bitter taste in the "mouths" of most. It's superfluous and counterproductive.