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Artsy me - by Micha

Field Service

How can I teach someone if I'm no longer sure myself?


For some of us being "sure" is something that is in constant flux.. What i try to do is keep in mind something that i am "sure" of. For example i might have a fleeting issue that is the product of my under stimulated brain.. But that doesn't make other parts of the message null+void.. Go out and only read someone a scripture. Don't even bother with publications or conversion.. Just read them psalms 34 about bad people dying and good people living...

Sometimes its all you can do.
Thanks for the tip...
Reaffirm the parts you DO accept, and rebuild in mental arguments with yourself from there. It's the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. Remember, faith is the ASSURED expection of realities though not beheld. Reassure yourself through constant prayer and supplication, study, and conversation with someone who is willing to hear you express all the doubt you hide inside.
I can't think of anyone I could have such conversations with. That seems to be a problem.
I hope you don't mind but I noticed your comment to declassified and went to peek at your journal...anyway, I just wanted to say that it is normal for all of us to feel doubtful at times. The thing I've noticed about myself is that whenever I do feel this way, I have such guilt feelings about it. The real test of our faith though is how do we deal with it and what do we do about it. Lots of prayer and personal study make a huge difference. I've notice that when I slack in that and have missed some meetings is when these thoughts will sometimes pop up about things. Thats why we are encouraged to consantly examine ourselves and to know what we feel towards being in the truth so we can correct and readjust ourselves as we need to. Also realize too, that the closer we get to the end of this system of things the harder Satan is working to draw us away from the organization, especially through subtle means. I added you to my friend list so you can check out my journal. Let me know if this is ok with you :)
I've added you back =)
You'll never know unless you ask, and if you ask Jehovah first, He'll help you find the right person. Just remember, if you really want the answers, you may need to dig for them first.
I hope I have the strength for digging...
You don't need strength, just desire.
I am adding everyone here to my list of friends because this is the kind of association I would like to have for my livejournal experience. Good encouragement!

I am not very good at field service either. Just get out there and Jehovah will put the words in your mouth.
Thanks, that really is a compliment, especially with what happened recently (a really nice sister for some reason decided my journal wasn't very encouraging at all and unfriended me. I'm trying not to let that affect me much).

And thanks for the advice. I'm working on getting the courage to get back out there...

Re: This is old I know

Thanks =)