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He wasn't there...

That pretty much sums it up. Maybe Leo went to the volleyball game at the beach, but I expected him to go to this party. He never misses the parties. Guess he forgot or something.

Maybe he wasn't invited!

I talked to one of the guests who turned out to be a psychologist, I think I'll make a formal appointment with her. She's a JW too.

The party was fun: Cecilia and I found out we're psychos (actually, we have psychotic tendencies...). We're planning to go on a murder streak together next month...

School was fun today: we were supposed to draw something related to either symmetry or patterns, so I drew a dot right in the center of the paper, called it "Ultra-symmetry / Search for perfection" and went to the mall for a Big Mac... I really hope I don't flunk out of that class...

Well, today was fun. Let's hope tomorrow will be better.
Tags: leo, party, school, therapy

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