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Artsy me - by Micha

One year

I never would've thought, one year ago, that I'd develop such feelings for you, like I never felt before, not even close. I never would've thought, one year ago, that my life could get any more complicated and frustrating and so full of emotions ranging so wide, and still I wouldn't have it differently, and I consider myself lucky for it. I never would've thought, one year ago, that I could long to be with someone so badly and be wanted back, even with all the problems and hurt. And I never ever thought I could be so happy, even though the world around me was falling apart, just because you tell me you feel the same.

I love you.


you have found what some people search a lifetime for.

you have found true love.
Wow... That's... scary, actually. But I do hope you're right =D
What do you wanna know? He's a guy I met years ago and had a crush on. Then we lost contact for a long time and started talking again one year ago and I fell in love with him... And it's frustrating because he lives hundreds of miles away and we pretty much only get to talk online. Anyways... what else?
I'm 19, he's turning 24. And I love everything about him =)
And, no, I don't think you're nosey =b