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Artsy me - by Micha

How the world turns

My mommy just called me a whore.

Can I be upset now?


What? How? Why?

I'm sorry dear. :(
It's ok, I know she didn't mean it...
That's not nice!

I'm sorry too :(
Thanks =(
Sometimes people say things that they don't mean. T_T Don't take it to heart (of course, I know it's very difficult). Is your mother in the truth? My mother called me that a lot when I was a teenager, but I deserved it because I was an extremely rebellious teen, and most of all - I was worldly.. so was/is my mom ~ so it's no suprise. But looking back at it, my mother was just very upset at me.. I know she didn't mean it. Satan is really trying hard to stumble us you know? It's a struggle itself to even be the perfect wife, mom, or daughter that you'd wish you'd be.

It's okay to be upset. It's normal. But don't return evil for evil. :)
She is in the truth, and no, it wasn't about my morals or lack thereof, it was about money.
I think you got my point wrong. I wasn't saying anything about you and your morals, I was only telling you my experience.

But, you know... It's just satan trying to get you down girl, don't let it though. From your mother who's in the truth, I'm sure she didn't mean it.
I don't suppose she did...

Still hurts.
i'd say you got the right
so long as you don't retaliate
I didn't retaliate, I just asked her how could she say something like that to me and she laughed and said she was kidding.
That is one of my biggest pet-peeves. WHORE is not a joking-around kind of insult. It's like when teenage girls run around calling their best friends 'bitch.' It's completely unnecessary and insulting to those who have to hear it.

I dont know, if my mom jokingly called me a whore I know it would hurt me and I'd have a serious talk to her about what she can and can't say to me in a 'joking' way.
yea you have the right to be upset.. awe i hope you feel better <3
Thanks ♥
yes, id say so
I thought so