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Thoughts on Dungeon Siege

Oh, I know I'm over-thinking it. I do that to everything. And I have no base to complain, since I'm no great gamer or anything. Really, the only other RPG I played before this was Ultima 8, and that was just over 7 years ago...

This game is BORING. I mean, it's way too dull for such a cool game. And it is cool, it's just not nearly as fun as it could be. Correct me if I'm wrong, but RPGs are games where you tell a story, right? Well, where's the story in DS? Nowhere to be seen. The bits and pieces of narrative get lost in the process of finding your way through pointless mazes and killing everything that moves.

Is it just me? Maybe that's pretty much all there is to these games... Maybe DS is better than most! I don't know... Maybe most players don't much care for the stories, just as long as they can kill as many creatures as possible and gather exp points. But I was expecting more entertainment in twists of the story, more choices to be made, more interaction with other characters...

The way I see it, DS pretty much plays itself, as it's completely straight-forward... No thinking necessary! Just keep your party moving forward... Or rather, not even that, just set them to "move freely" attack mode and they'll move ahead by themselves...

Anyone else played this? What do you think?
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