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So, about Rio

I really thought I'd get more opportunities to update my journal while I was there, but ended up just being doing it that one time... Mom hardly let me at the computer, and the internet connection there is so crappy I had to reconnect every 2 min.

I got there on Friday night, after a pretty good flight except for a really bad dream... That oughtta teach me not to sleep in the airplane, right? Especially since I was supposed to be studying the watchtower. Anyway, my parents drove me quickly through Rio (from the airport to their apartment), passing many favelas on the way.

On Saturday we went to a couple of touristic attractions, the "Vista Chinesa" and a couple of famous neighborhoods (famous from soap novels, mostly). At night a few people from mom's congregation showed up to meet me and stuff =b and brought a guitar with them, that was fun. The brothers and sisters there are really cool.

Sunday... I did nothing all day =b Except going to meeting at night, then going out for pizza with "the gang".

On Monday we all went to "Pão de Açúcar" (Sugar Loaf, as it is called in english). I took, like, a hundred pictures. No, really, I took 96 pix. Just over two and a half rolls of film.

Tuesday was a slow day, just packing and chatting with mom about school and stuff... And school stuff =b And then the flight back. I really like flying. I oughtta get a plane... How much do those cost, you think? Really?? That much? *sigh* Never mind, then. But I do like flying.

So now I'm home. It's good to be home =)
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