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Artsy me - by Micha

Question #73

How does one go about learning to pick locks? Not that I'd want to, of course! *whistles innocently*


Locksmithing is a perfeectly legitimate occupaton. But instead of being sly, you'd be on call for whomever locked themselves out of anything, or perhaps police who need to gently get into something.

Unless of course, you just were looknig to accomplish something illegal. But no, you'd never do that. ;-)
Nah, I just wanted to go to the rooftop of the building whenever I felt like it instead of having to call the maintenance guy every time. It's so beautiful up there...
Google is your friend. Type in lockpicking. Then there is the library. There are textbooks on General Locksmithing. With a simple pick its suprisingly easy.
Cool! What about the tools, though?
You can do a google search on lock picks and Locksmithing tools. If your in a pinch you can make your own picks. or you can find a good durable piece of metal. Depending on the kind of lock. I would reccomend however that you go to a locksmith and ask in person for a reliable source. Me personally, unless its a big name, I don't trust websites with my credit card number. Home Depot and the big hardware places don't seem to sell picks. If you really wanna spend some money get an electronic pick. Those things are awesome.
Cool =)
I knew someone that had lock picking tools made out of hair pins. Could pick most door and padlocks.
Ooooh ya think he'd teach me? =b
Ask the maintenance guy for a copy of the key. If he refuses, pay him. If he still refuses, sleep with him. No, uh, wait. Forget that last one.
LMAO!!! Let's hope he takes the money, then =)
Ask Ichab0d, he can do it... ^^;

Member Photos

Hi there! In case you missed my entry in witness_teens, I just wanted to let you know about Member Photos. Everyone in the community sends a photo of themselves to me via comment (or email if you're not comfortable with your picture being made public) and then I will put them together in an easy to view table. I think it'll be a nice way for all of us here to get to know each other a little better and put a face with who we're talking to. If you'd like to participate, click here and post a photo of yourself in a comment or send it to my email at rollxtoxme@hotmail.com. It hasn't been decided yet but most likely the Member Photo page will be viewable only by community members simply to be cautious. If you have any questions or need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!
-Heather a.k.a. rollxtoxme

Re: Member Photos

Ok, I`ll send a pic as soon as I get home cuz I don`t have any here.

Re: Member Photos

alrighty, thanks :D
Lol I often wondered that. hmmm I could always start practicing on my door..

I found you listed with some of my friends enjoyed reading your entries. :o)
Cool, I'll add you too =)