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Artsy me - by Micha


Men get work and women get pain! How is that supposed to be fair?!?!?


Oh, no, in this day and age, women may have both work AND pain. By all means, take all the work you want!
*groans* =\

Men better stop complaining, fast, or I'll start thinking of "sharing the load" with them. By kicking them in the crotch.
Look, we're not complaining cause you get all the pain; so don't complain cause we get all the work! ;-)
I'm convinced some man tricked us a long time ago into thinking it would be fair if we got to work too... I hope he died a slow, painful death with someone punching a fist into his stomach and squeezing his internal organs.
*Weeps quietly beside you and gives you some of my Pamprin*
Thanks *sniffles*