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20 Questions to a Better Personality

Wackiness: 56/100
Rationality: 56/100
Constructiveness: 74/100
Leadership: 32/100

You are a WRCF--Wacky Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a Paul Begala.

You are unflappable and largely unconcerned with others' reactions to you. You were not particularly interested in the results of this test, and probably took it only as a result of someone else asking you to.

You have a biting wit and intense powers of observation. No detail is lost on you, and your friends know it--relying on you to have the facts when others express only opinions. You are even-tempered, friendly, and educated. Foolish strangers may mistake your mildness for weakness--they will be surprised.

You entire approach to life is enviable. You will raise good kids.

Of the 8195 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004), 5 % are this type.

20 Questions to being a Better Person

Your score as a human being is 77.1.

Middle of the road, eh? Does that mean you're yellow? Yellow as a salamander frying on blacktop? Yellow as a urinal cake? Yellow as a delicious marshmallow Peep? Mmmm. Peep. Sometimes I think if it weren't for Just Born candy, I would just expel my life force and expire. Hot Tamales. Mike and Ikes.

But I digress.

Nicely done. You are robustly average, and I approve of it.

20 Questions to a Better Job

Your job's score is 82.

You have done well for yourself. You have found a job where you feel well-at-ease, both necessary and relaxed. Your workload is high-volume, low stress. You have one immediate supervisor who is attentive, supportive, but generally hands-off. You have company breakfasts and softball teams and engage in unifying activities Walt Disney would envy. But secretly you wonder if you would find something better if you brushed up the old resume and gave the classifieds a go.

You wouldn't.

20 Questions to a Better Boyfriend

Your boyfriend score is 74.

Could be better, could be worse. Time for serious dialogue. Time for a lot of things really: learning to do his own laundry, getting his oil changed on his own, paying for dinner. Decide now whether you want to spend so much time in dialogue with this guy.

And honestly--if your friends don't like him, and your parents don't like him, they might be on to something you're not. Consider strongly before making any special commitment to this one.

20 Questions to a Better Apartment

Your apartment's score is 68.

Not the greatest part of town, really. Is it a country heartache of a place, with prematurely withered women tucking back mentholated Camel Lights and talking about the man John Law put in jail last night? Or a college backwater, which the bouncing university nubiles have to run through because any distance less than the mile radius it is from campus isn't enough to burn off the lemon gelato they had with lunch?

It's possible I'm bitter, but you're bitter, too. Rest assured your neighborhood is exactly right for telling pleasant past-tense stories about once your rotting woodwork and yowling neighbors are colored bittersweet with nostalgia.

And if anyone bounces down your sidewalk, by God, it's your patriotic privilege to watch.

20 Questions to having a Better Family

Your score as a human being is 50.

This makes you like The Simpsons.

This score isn't so bad. There's hugs and kisses at the end of the day, no matter if they're cynical or sandwiched between comments about how wide your ass is getting. You haven't beat your parents -- you joined them.

The bright side is you have a lot of stories to share, and living through all this malfunction means you're perfectly equipped for dealing with all the asshats in the real world. After your experience with your family, you'll be starved for a new one. Thus you'll love your in-laws, who'll love you back.

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