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The verdict is in

Today I woke up early, completed an assignment to my boss' satisfaction, fully prepared the watchtower for the first time in months, got a ride home from work with my aunt instead of having to take the bus, got my camera out of the closet, cleaned it and took it to the beach with me to photograph the sights and people (and be mocked by the latter because I was the only person wearing jeans and sneakers at the beach, but that was fine).

Then I went to the rooftop of my building, where I photographed the city at sunset (so! very! beautiful!). When I ran out of film, I went home to see a movie I rented, not great, but gave me a few good laughs. Then I nuked some left-over pizza from yesterday and, is it just me or does pizza get better with age? lol

So, yeah, I've decided this has been a good day. Definitely.
Tags: daily activity, work

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