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Artsy me - by Micha

Oh $#!7

"I was baptized exactly one month ago today. It's a wonder I haven't been disfellowishipped yet."

I might have spoken a tad too soon.

Today, after the meeting, one of the elders came to talk to me. The presiding overseer came to ask me if it was possible to schedule a meeting so that he and I, and another elder, could chat.

Yes, I know, the meeting for disfellowshipping is with 3 elders, not 2. But I dislike the idea of being reprimanded by a single elder enough already, let alone 2. Sure, he said it would be a talk for "encouragement", but why exactly would it take a scheduled meeting with two elders to encourage me?

Maybe this is a good thing.

A question comes up in my mind, though. If they ask, will I have the courage to tell them my doubts? So far, I've been pretending everything's ok. I suppose it starts to show, though, when you spend weeks at a time not going to field service and regularly missing one or two meeting per week.

Also, Alex said she's angry with me and wouldn't tell me why. Yeah, that's encouraging.


Two Elders are appropriate because of the need for an extra witness. The word of two witnesses to a situation is needed to establish something. Also because you are a beautiful young female, it wouldn't be right for an elder to be alone with you, so two is needed.
LOL Thanks for the laugh... Have you seen my pictures, though? No, two elders wouldn't be necessary to meet with me. =Þ
If you mean you don't think you are beautiful, I think you are mistaken. I have seen pictures you posted, and I think you are quite attractive. :)Hope everything goes well.
Thanks =)
I hope all goes well... sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement. And maybe this is Jehovah's way of clearing up some things for you. Hope for the best ok! And pray about it. :)
Thanks, I have been praying about it... or trying to. Anyway, I could use the encouragement =)
Your Welcome. Yeah, most of us can. I know things will get straightened out, I have faith in that.

Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Thanks for the support... Keep me in your prayers, if you can =)
I most certainly will. <3
Sixter is right. Also, bear in mind that when it comes to committee cases, there are two things that happen. Firstly, two elders meet with you as an INVESTIGATIVE committee. If they find evidence of sin or wrongdoing, then they report back to the elder body, and a group of three elders is appointed. These three elders meet with you as a JUDICIAL committee, and have the power to make recommendations and decisions regarding the action that should be taken. The two elders that are meeting with you are not meeting as either an investigative or a judicial committee. You need to understand that. They are meeting with you because they see a sheep falling, and they want to help it. They are, above all, shepards in the Christian congregation. Don't be afraid to tell them what you're going through and how you're feeling. They won't shout at you, they won't brow-beat you, but they WILL encourage you. And one thing I can tell you with absolute truth, is that we ALL need encouragement in this time of the end.

*hugz back*
and remember, elders are their to be the shelter from the wind, to care for the flock, so think of them as ones that WANT to help you throughwhat ever you are going through, they want to do all they can, so unless you tell them they cant help you. dont think of them as the police, cuz that is not their intentions, they are your friends:)

maybe they called you because they are picking up the vibes that you arent ok and they want o be their for you to see how things are going. acept their help and listen o their advice.
Thanks, I plan on doing just that =)
It sounds to me like prayers were answered RIGHT AWAY. Take this to mean that Jehovah really REALLY loves you!!! All you had to do was ask! :-)

On a completely different note: your English is 10 times better than any American's attempt at another language, so I thought you might appreciate a few points. In English, a person disassociates oneself willingly from the congregation, whether the elders want them to or not; a judicial committee "disfellowships" someone whether the individual wants to be removed or not. The chairman elder is called the "presiding overseer." President is usually the head of a company or country. And "reprehended" probably should have been "reprimanded", which means "to be 'yelled' at, disciplined verbally, or otherwise chastised." I'm not telling you these things because you're English is that bad; I'm telling you as a courtesy because you're just that GOOD. :-)
Heh... That's an interesting way to put it... =D

Thanks *hurries off to fix post*
first of all i would have liked to have read the other comments before i made mine... but as i pressed the wrong link and my computer is messing up... i will just ramble on with my own thoughts. :)

I first have to say that i not at all spiritually strong right now. I know this and am not accepting of it, and should rightly be the last one to give advice, however i will et you know what i have been going through lately.

I was baptised at the age of 11. in January it will be 15 years. I have gone through a lot since my baptisim. Recently i have had more questions than ever. I mean questions that would seem very stupid to some. Such as if God never had a begining and never will have an end.... was he bored one day and decided to make these little 2 legged creatures? i mean i have questions that really i cannot find physical concrete touchable answers to. And then a good friend of mine stated something to me. It comes down to faith. The bible speaks of having faith in the things seen and unseen. Certain things that are not really explainable we need to have blind faith in. "Blind Faith". that was the exact term used. And strangely enough that simple statement put me at ease a bit. There is enough evidence for me to know that Jehovah is our creator and the things that i have questions about i have blind faith in, knowing that in the new system if we have questions he will answer them for us. Right now as imperfect humans maybe we cannot understand some of the complexities of our own mind however when we are perfect humans think of what we will be able to do!!

I know that if you are having questions and doubts that it may be hard to conteplate the simple answers, as we are all looking for deeper concepts. Understand too that Satan wants nothing more than for us to have these questions, as it puts doubt in our minds, and that is all he needs to get to us. Simple doubt.

Jehovah sees our heart condition. He knows what we are going through in our minds. He knows how this world can manipulate our thinking. Trust in what your heart tells you, for in your heart is where you will find your love for Him and faith and the desire to serve the one who is deserving of our allegiance.

Okay other that my rambling, i hope you are doing well and i am sorry i havenot kept in contact as much as i would have liked. I have obviously been going through my own issues and i am hoping to have them solved, or at least know how to deal with them soon.

sisterly huggs,
Wow. That comment even helped me.

I completely agree with what you said about having blind faith.. Cause you have to think Jehovah's been around a LOT longer than we have, and he is the almighty being..we are puny humans that use about 1% of our brain compacity. Not that we are stupid...but there are many things we will not understand in this system of things, because to us right now they are way to complicated to famthom because we live in a stunted world, where things are imperfect and what not, many things will be answered when we are ready for that, because as it is right now.. we have a lot of things to deal with in this system already.. Jehovah knows when to reveal things to us & when not to.
Your comment just helped me to appreciate Jehovah that much more, because if you have the love for Jehovah there and have faith in him you will find it so much easier to just listen to what he says instead of questioning it because HE knows what is best for us... he created us.
And something else I appreciate about Jehovah...no matter what he is the only thing that will never harm you, he always does things to beneifit you or to help you out even if you go and do something against him when you know its wrong... and as humans no one can say that they have never hurt someone or something even if it was unintentional.

I just really really love that about Jehovah. :)
Thanks, sister =)

I hope you work out your own issues...

Your thoughts reminded me of a Scripture, Ecclesiastes 3:11- "Even time indefinite he has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the [true] God has made from the start to the finish."

Scientists study what they can of the beginning of the universe, and wonder, was it a big bang? an ekpyrotic event? Are there 11 dimensions? superstrings? mirror or alternate universes? They have fascinating and extremely complex formulas to try to unravel the mysteries, and yet they admit they're just speaking baby talk in the grand scheme of the universe.

I also remember hearing that Scripture applied in various ways: that Jehovah, being a Being of infinity (the only One, according to Him), cannot be completely understood by beings with a beginning. Also, his creations could not possibly understand themselves to the extent that they have been made.

Imagine how much we'll know and understand at the end of the 1,000 Years -- and how much we'll know we DON'T know!

A side note: The heart is our seat of motivation and where the Truth can rein. But it is a dangerous idea to suggest to look into it to trust it. "“The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it? I, Jehovah, am searching the heart, examining the kidneys, even to give to each one according to his ways, according to the fruitage of his dealings.”" (Jeremiah 17:9, 10) It's interesting the wording of this next passage in its relation to pondering infinity: "Search through me, O God, and know my heart. Examine me, and know my disquieting thoughts, and see whether there is in me any painful way, and lead me in the way of time indefinite." (Psalm 129:23, 24) To me, it suggests that the ways of infinity, or the extent we may ever know Jehovah's ways, is intricately tied to our trusting HIM to examine our hearts. Hebrews 4:12 says that the Word of God excels all thought, or goes beyond anything man can think of, and pierces to the dividing of soul and spirit, leaving everything open and exposed. We can gain so much by allowing Jehovah to apply this to us through our willing study of the Scriptures. Like any healing, it may be a painful process, but by enduring through what Jehovah guides us to do, the end result is a purified heart and a restored spirit.

I like the idea of "blind faith," but only in the context that we do not have the whole picture. It's certainly not like the blind faith of the world, wherein they are completely spiritually blind. But we do exhibit alot of trust in Jehovah by simply following His guidance without question. Remembering that Jehovah knows our hearts will help us to express our doubts to Him for Him to help us understand what we can, at the right time for it, of course. While the first-century Christians had a hazy outline of the Truth compared to our complete Word, we have but a sketchy impression of what "the real life" truly is. Since Jehovah has never failed us when we prayed in accordance with His will, we have learned that our faith WILL be rewarded.
i have no idea who alex is or why she is mad, but don't stress...maybe it's pms; us girls are weird like that.

stay strong boo.