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Artsy me - by Micha

Question #57

Would I be crucified by the EMO community if I said Dashboard Confessional sounds a lot like Good Charlotte?


I don't know, perhaps my ears aren't trained enough yet, I just thought they weren't that far off...
LOL probably...

i don't really like good charlotte but i love dashboard.

i'm not one of those freaks that get all "!@#$%&*" about mixing up music genres or all "that's too mainstream, i HATE them" just because someone is popular... i love plenty of mainstream artists, popularity has nothing to do with quality. and i don't care if a band "sold out" if they make good music, the music is what's important...

oh yeah, don't get me start, i could go all day...

yay for chris carrabba :D
Well, if you had a problem with mixing genres or mainstream music, you would definitely have a problem with me... Have you seen my kazaa folder? =Þ It's... erm... eccletic... Mostly just rock, but all kinds of rock. Yeah, I like mixing it up =)

Who's Chris Carabba?
lead singer of dashboard, lol...

yeah i love all kinds of music (except for like hardcore crazy rap or metal stuff) =)
I don't like rap either =Þ
id love to see your kazaa folder! its sounds like what mine would sound like.. if i had kazaa....
hahahaha Yes you probably would.

I personally think they sound nothing alike. Just my opinion though.

I'll keep quiet, then =Þ
Uhhh yeah. I'd say you would,too. To me they sound nothing like Good Charlotte. I hate Good Charlotte, they get on my nerves... but I like a selected few of Dashboard's songs.

I'm not really into their types of music genre's ...but on occasion they are OK. I have to say,though,that I can stand Dashboard more than I can G.C.

Yuck on G.C. -disgusted face-
Why such strong feelings against GC?
Too poppy and annoying for me. They just seem like they are trying to be too much like Blink182 and a rock band mixed together when they really aren't. I dunno why.. I think it's just their music that annoys me the most.
Their tunes and words just annoy me for some reason...
let me go a little whacko here on you...since no one has pointed out this valid point.

Chris carabba is a genius when it comes to lyrics...

good charlotte, yeah, not good in the lyrics area, i admit, they are catchy, just NOT good writers....:)

Plus, dashboard? Acoustic for the most part? Good charlotte? not? hm.