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Artsy me - by Micha

Shopping and a movie, good day...

It is official. Today I have bought and worn my first band shirt. Nightwish. Since this isn't my favorite band, this means I'm bound by sacred Law of Andi that I have to buy shirts from all the bands I like as much as or more than Nightwish, putting me in a vicious cycle...

Then I saw Fahrenheit. Laughed my ass off in some parts, cried my eyes out in others, left the theater stunned and nauseated... It rocked. Did everyone see it? You should. Michael Moore is totally the best.


LOL that's how i was when i started buying band t-shirts... i bought a further seems forever shirt and i hardly knew any of their music at the time and was like "well now i have to buy shirts from every one of my favorite bands..."

haha :D
LOL! Yeah, now I just need to get the money to do that =Þ
ha yeah same here
The movie? Did you see it?? What did you think? It was great, wasn't it? =)
actually i didnt seei t , i didnt know what you were talking about, if it was recent playor something, but it was a movie huh? ill keep my eye out for it. sounds fab:)
Oh, you must! Here's the site: http://www.fahrenheit911.com/
the movie is heavily edited toward his agenda. becareful, dont believe all u see. he no longer even calls it a documentary, but a "satire" go figure. not even that i think bush is the best or anything, he scares me on a good # of things. but people like moore scare me far far stronger