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Friends again (?)

Sometimes good things do happen, right? Not everything that seems good is necessarily going to turn out badly. That happens sometimes (ok, most of the time), but not every time. right?

Last night, Leo was the one reading the Watchtower. I could not have felt more awkward. The previous times, I used to sit there staring at him and trying to make him laugh. This time, I avoided his eyes. I felt like crap. I felt like going to him at the end of the meeting and talking to him, but decided not to, so as not to break my promise. I didn't have to, he himself came to me at the end.

Came to say he was sorry for being such a jerk, that he had been feeling hurt. And to ask if we could just be friends again. I had difficulty controlling myself so I wouldn't start jumping up and down of joy =)

We hugged and "everything is all better" again (no, of course everything isn't perfect again, there's still hurt feelings on both parts, but at least now he's open to trying a friendship again. And that is something), as I could tell by his pinching me and picking on me, like he used to do long ago before the whole mess started.

Yeah, this is a good thing =)
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