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The very first

Thanks for the code, Dani, I promise I'll put it to good use... Yeah, right! Well, I'll try, anyway. Until I get bored and never post anything again, that is. Let's hope it takes a while until that happens.

Ok, my own journal on the net... It's cool, after checking out a bunch of other people's journals I can tell that I could have a lot of fun with this and make it useful (don't worry, I'll try not to copy too many ideas from other users). But it's such a strange concept, having your journal out on the Internet for everyone to see. Aren't they supposed to be personal and secret or something?

So about me: I'm an 18 year-old girl, only child (spoilt!!), just moved out of my parents' place last April... Well, "moved out" is really just an expression, since I've been living with my grandparents, but it still applies! I've been calling myself a Jehovah's Witness for the last 5 years, but I'm not baptized yet (the reason of many of my recent problems/frustrations). I'm brasilian (yes, with an "S") and have been living in a brasilian city (NOT a "village") called Recife way up Northeast of the country, by the ocean. I'd have a great view of the Atlantic from my bedroom window if it weren't for all the 20+ stories buildings in the way (yes, we have very tall buildings here). And we speak Portuguese over here, not Spanish. Possibly the greatest insult to a brasilian would be to mistake him/her with an argentinian (sorry, Sasa), so don't!

Back to me, then. My father's in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot. Every 2 years, actually. In 1999 he/we got transferred to Montreal, where I spend 2 of the best years of my life. Then back to Brasil. That's pretty much all you need to know.

Now we get to the best part: me talking about my problems! Problem, really. A guy. Had to be. My life isn't all that complicated, I'm worried or upset, it usually involves a guy somehow. My latest problem's name's Leo. He's a JW too, 19 years-old, baptized, lives here in Recife, no drug-related problem, an all-around nice guy. And I like him. Quite a bit. But he wants to be a ministerial servant, and he won't get "the job" if he's dating a non-baptized girl (aka: me). I don't even know for sure if he likes me back or not, he made sure of that. More information on the subject on a different occasion, it's kind of depressing for me, so I'll write about something else now.

The only people I know who have LJs (that I know of) are Dani and Sunny, so everyone else: if you want one, just ask me for a code, I think this would be a lot more fun if everybody was in on it.
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