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Artsy me - by Micha

Question #42 (aka, free user's poll)

What do you do when you notice a stranger staring at you in the street as you walk by?


What do you mean by 'acknowledging' it? Look back at them? Look & nod? Something else?
Do you get uncomfortable, though? I always get very self-conscious. My normal reaction is to lower my head and walk a bit faster... =\
I usually smile and as I'm walking away.
LOL!! Really?? What kind of reaction do you get from that?
They usually smile back. Sometimes really creepy people start to follow me X__X
LMAO!! How do you get rid of the creeps?
i usually try to look away as quickly as possible... sometimes i mutter "stop looking at me freak" under my breath just to be funny/stupid haha... :P
Hehehe... Did anyone ever hear you? What did they do?
nope, no one ever hears me... usually people just stare when i'm driving by where i live and they look like they're practically hanging out of their car trying to check me out, i hate it...

and i'm living in mexico right now and they love white girls around here so all the spanish guys are always trying to get my attention but i just kind of ignore them and my dad laughs at me


Yeah, I usually just give them one of those super sugary smiles, and that usually creeps most of them out -- that smile that the people in crappy stores give you at the sales counter because they work on commission -- that kind of smile... I've never had any follow me, though...

Re: Funny...

Good one! I gotta practice that kind of smile, I like creeping people out...
i... wave. because that means that you know they're staring and they might turn around. usually, i give 'em a big smile and and evil glare, so they'll leave me alone.

though, of course, sometimes it doesn't work. because they're creepy and they want to pick me up and rape me or something. so, if the wave fails, and they pull over to talk to me, i ignore them or tell them to go away, i'm too young for them. if you do that, they may get mad, but they go away.

i'm not the one who really gets the looks though. it's my sister. that's why i hate walking down the street with her.
I understand how that is. My sister's gorgeous and I'm...well, I wear sweatpants, let's leave it at that. Sometimes I'll stare for a long time, then suddenly shoot them an evil glance, or cock my head to one side and stare like a bird.
Teehee, staring like a bird sounds really cute =)
Waving? To a stranger in the middle of the street?? We can do that?!? =b
yep. it's a tad evil... but it's fun.
Cool! =D
smile and laugh at them
What reaction do you usually get to that?
ummm...i dunno, i usually do that til they paas me or i pass them, so i never see their reaction...
Anyone ever follow you home? =b
haha, nope
Good =)