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The Feast - act three

Yo, dude, this is act three. That means there's an act one and an act two before this!

GIRL opens her eyes and turns off the alarm clock, trying to remember her dream. She slips back into sleep, wakes up again almost one hour later, being yelled at by her MOTHER. She gets up hurriedly and gets ready to go. A cab is waiting outside to take them to the meeting place.

SCENE TWO - Speaking of food
In the bus, MOTHER is telling the people there about her travels and the embarrassing things that happened to her and FATHER in them. They talk about the strange foods other people eat. CB tries to be witty by saying that the things he eats would be considered disgusting in their culture, but fancy in another. "Like some cultures eat dogs, for instance". He and the other people seem appalled by the idea. The GIRL replies it would be fine by her, as long as it isn't her own dog. Then attempts, in vain, to explain to MOTHER that dogs are no different than cows or chickens, even though they are more common pets.

SCENE THREE - Settling down
The place is even more packed than the two days before. GIRL asks MOTHER to get seats near the middle area so they'll have a better view of the play that would be shown later on. They walk back and forth, up and down around the middle, but all seats are marked by books or bags. The GIRL starts getting annoyed. They find two empty seats far in the back, then go looking again, hoping to find something closer to the stage, switching seats when they do (because some guests had marked many more seats than necessary, so, when the man at the microphone asked them to be seated, they had to remove their books and bags from the chairs they weren't using).

At the end of the morning, the stage is changed. Actors take their places to tell them a story. All guests are quite entertained by the performance, though it is not the best ever seen. It does get its message through. The play tells the story of a man who changes his life and the difficulties he had to face because of the changes. All guests laugh and clap at the right places. The GIRL is particularly amused by one of the actors' performance, he was playing a blind man, but his acting resembled more closely that of a drunk.

SCENE FIVE - Awkwardness
After the play, the GIRL wondered around the place for a while. She sees one of her friends, but doesn't approach because she is talking to the BOY. The GIRL walks alone, reliving the events of the previous days in her mind, then decides to go talk to her friend anyway. The BOY is still there. GIRL and BOY shake hands, she asks him how he is, he replies with a chuckle. GIRL tells her friend she doesn't want to just stand in one spot and goes back to wondering the place by herself.

SCENE SIX - Dream scene
The man at the microphone calls everyone to their seats. The GIRL is very tired, losing her focus, the scenes in front of her mix with dream. She is talking to the BOY, but he ignores her. She grabs his arm, shakes him, yells at him, but he is still as a statue, doesn't look at her, doesn't respond. She wakes up startled. Looking around, she sees the BOY sitting with his family far away, looking straight ahead.

SCENE SEVEN - Melancholy
The party is over. The guests clap in appreciation and begin exiting. GIRL and MOTHER find a ride home. The GIRL watches as the place empties itself of the noisy life it contained and wishes to leave before they are all alone. There is a feeling of nostalgia in the air. This moment is unique.

SCENE EIGHT - Friendship
GIRL and MOTHER arrive home. GIRL receives a message from her best FRIEND and talks to him. She is very happy.

MOTHER receives a phone call from FATHER and she and GIRL drive to the airport. They pick up her FATHER. He and the GIRL hug for a long time, then all go home together.

or is it? =b
Tags: issues, leo, parents, rant, religion, stephen, story

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