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The Feast - act one

The GIRL tries to hide the sadness in saying the last goodbyes to her best FRIEND. Her MOTHER is rushing her away from him. Hurriedly, the GIRL goes to bed, hoping she'll be able to talk to her FRIEND again soon. That isn't likely to happen at all.

SCENE ONE - Waking
The alarm clock's ringing seems distant and unreal, but brings with it a flood of memories long forgotten (for a few hours of sleep). MOTHER's rambling starts immediately, always pushing the GIRL, making her move forward, faster, or just move. The pleasant dream fades into nothing, leaving a feeling of emptiness the GIRL shakes away. Time to get up and get going. Fast forward to the GIRL and MOTHER arriving at...

SCENE TWO - The meeting place
Other people are there, waiting, coming, finding a place in the bus. The GIRL goes into it and guarantees two seats together, exchanges pleasantries with the people around while MOTHER makes the final arrangements for the trip, left for the last minute because of indecision. The GIRL greets and flirts with a Cute Boy until the arrangements are done and the bus is ready to go.

SCENE THREE - The going
The cityscape gets repetitive and the open road get boring after some time. GIRL slips in and out of sleep, thoughts and dreams mixed and running through her mind too fast to be properly identified. She knows she'll have a long day ahead. The ride is bumpy as the bus reaches a rough patch of the road and this signals the...

SCENE FOUR - Arrival
The place is crowded, early as it is. The GIRL and MOTHER have a slight argument over seating places, that is settled when a friend of the GIRL's invites them to sit with her family. The GIRL proceeds to look for acquaintances at the place, dreading to find a specific person, longing to find this specific person at the same time. CB, from the bus, reappears to discuss ideal weather conditions for baptism, disappears again. The man at the microphone asks the guests to be seated. The food will be served soon.

As the food is given out, the GIRL tries her best to focus and absorb it. Her mind is untamed and frequently wanders. She is worried about her FRIEND and the BOY she had been dreading to meet. During one of the most important courses, rain starts pouring so heavily it finds its way into the place. Everybody whips out umbrellas, forming a colorful and noisy canopy.

SCENE SIX - A break
The GIRL wanders through the crowd aimlessly. She runs into BOY, who almost doesn't notice her at first, then greets her cheerlessly.

GIRL: I need to talk to you

They take a walk around the place, not looking at each other. The BOY excuses himself for mistreating MOTHER two nights before. After dancing around the subject for many paces

GIRL: We're going too fast
BOY: Going too fast? (laughs) Did she set you up for this?
GIRL: She doesn't even know I'm talking to you
BOY: I knew she would get in the way. She always gets what she wants, right?
GIRL: This has nothing to do with her

(they stop walking)

BOY: Right. You know what? Just forget all this. Forget anything ever happened. I hope she's happy now
GIRL: Is there a point in me telling you again she has nothing to do with this?
BOY: No. (pause) Well, I guess I'll move to another city, then. Got a good job offer. Don't think that it's because of you.
GIRL: Ok...

(silence. They're still not looking at each other)

BOY: Is there anything left to say?
"Yes, but I don't want to hurt you even more"
GIRL: I don't think so
BOY: All right, then (walks away)

SCENE SEVEN - Mixing water and books
The man at the microphone calls and all are seated again. The GIRL struggles to concentrate, but it is a lost battle. More rain comes pouring down and the patchwork canopy is restored. The GIRL flips distractedly through her book, bringing back memories. Note that the book is at least five years old and is thoroughly scribbled. Every other page is dog-eared. The GIRL's mind is elsewhere, the book drops onto the floor, where rainwater flows freely. She lets out a cry.

SCENE EIGHT - About dreaming
The GIRL asks her TEACHER about dreams. The TEACHER tells her not to waste her time with them. Then the GIRL mentions what happened between her and the BOY. The TEACHER says she's sorry the BOY made such a rash decision and says he might change his mind later. The GIRL mentions it was her initiative, but is momentarily unsure.

SCENE NINE - The coming
Back in the bus, GIRL and MOTHER are sitting side by side, not talking or looking at each other. CB settles in the seat behind them and the GIRL makes small talk, wishing only to be home already. Another bumpy, boring ride brings them all back to the meeting place.

SCENE TEN - An apology
GIRL and MOTHER are arguing over some unimportant thing. A car arrives and the BOY comes out. He walks up to MOTHER and apologizes for his rudeness of before, and tells her she has nothing to worry about anymore. Then drives away. GIRL and MOTHER go home.

SCENE ELEVEN - Broken promises
GIRL's FATHER calls. He seems upset because won't make it to her baptism the next day. GIRL goes to bed. She shouldn't have had her hopes up.>

The story doesn't end here! Read act two.

I've had a very long day.
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