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Morning news

The party was pretty good last night. We had people from a bunch of different congregations... Alex's friends played some music for us until "getting booed" offstage and replaced by CDs... Well, they were quite painful to listen to! =b But it was fun. It went on until just past 1 AM. I was dead tired, but still checked out if anyone was online when I got home.

This has been the third night of not sleeping well because of this cough. Last night I thought I was going to end up making myself throw up from coughing so much. I hate-hate-hate being sick.

Then, this morning I woke up 2h later than I had planned to, and after running around like crazy to make my lunch appointment, Leo calls to let me know it's off. =\ Blah, I'm not really in the best mood to have lunch with his relatives anyway. I still feel like I got hit by a truck.

Tonight I need to talk to the third elder and decide when to go through the last of the questions for baptism. They were supposed to have happened last Tuesday, but he was sick. So now there's one week until the convention and the questions still aren't finished. And I'll probably only find out if I'm approved on Friday, one day before the actual baptism. Greeeeeat.

Mom gets here on the 14th, dad's still trying to get some spare time so he can come. How much would it suck if he came and it turned out I didn't get approved?
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