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School, meeting and Spidey

Yes, Dani, I mean you. =b j/k

Now that that's out of my system... My day, ladies and gentlemen! Yes, I know it's boring compared to the depressed posts of lately, but this is what I got, so bear with me here.

Picked up my student id, over a week late. Reaching out to get it I regretted my decision to wear short sleeves =\ The lady looked at me funny. I was self-conscious the rest of the afternoon. Classes were fine, ended early. Now, tomorrow I have an exam on History of Architecture, wishing I had studied more... Well, no use crying over spilt milk, just gotta spend the whole morning studying. And then, all night working of the latest project. *sigh* =b Still lovin' it, though =)

The elder who was supposed to do the last part of my questions yesterday (and didn't, his wife called to say he was sick, conjunctivitis) was at the meeting today. He also went to Denise's little goodbye party last Monday. I talked to him at the end of the meeting and turns out the questions have to be postponed to next week, Tuesday at the latest, but still that's a whole week later than it was supposed to be. I'm not happy about it... Now I'm only gonna know if I can be baptized a few days before the actual baptism, maybe less.

From the meeting, Leo, his brother, two cousins of his and I went to see Spiderman 2. As you can tell from the first sentence of this post, I loved the movie. And had a pretty good time with them, they're fun =)

Oh, speaking of Denise's goodbyes (she's going to spend a couple of months with her boyfriend in Canada. Are those bells I'm hearing?), I'm throwing her a bigger goodbye party this Friday, having her invite the bazillion people she knows to come to my building and be loud =b Hehehe... Gotta have more parties around here, even if they're goodbye ones.
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