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Artsy me - by Micha

Aching to move on

"Once again I've done my job of pushing you away
It's the rise and fall of the beginning and the end of another day
The traps I set, the risk I bet the one that got away I sit
Down to wonder why
The weight of the world
Is all I ever have to give
So write me off
As just another mistake
That you once made"

Strung Out - Your Worst Mistake
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I can really relate to that song as of right now. I feel like I've pushed away one of the people that I truely love and now I don't know if theres any getting them back.

:( *hug* I'm here for you if you need me.

P.S. Could I use that little part of the song in my journal? If you don't mind? If you do, that's cool... just tell me.
In my case, it's actually that I pushed someone away that I can't have back. That I wasn't supposed to be this close to in the first place.

But, yeah, go right ahead and use the song. It's not like it's mine or something. And it's beautiful. More people should know it.

*hug back*
Thank you,girl. Yeah, I wasn't suppose to be close to him, either. But you can't help who you love. Or who loves you back.
Love is a many splendid thing.
It's great when it's great, but it's tragic when it's tragic.

Even though I don't know the situation(and don't need to,cause it's none of my business), I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo <3
http://server1.lyricsondemand.com/s/strungoutlyrics/yourworstmistakelyrics.html - For full lyrics

The situation is that I've fallen in love with someone that doesn't share my faith and had to cut him off before things got out of hand.
Wow. Are you serious?

That's exactly my situation as well.