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Time is passing funky

Does anybody else notice this or is it just me? It's always either passing too fast or too slow. Make up your mind already!! Time really should go back to its usual pace...

Anyway, I did the first session of the interview for baptism last night, went fine... I think. At least the elder said I answered everything correctly. I was so nervous, though... Eeeeek! I'll do another one this weekend (probably Sunday) and the last one on Tuesday. Then, if everything goes all right... Any of you being around Recife on the 17th, please drop in at the congress and watch me take the dive =D

I'm a little less confused now. Things are starting to settle back into their places. Friends truly are a blessing from Jehovah.

How is everybody here doing, I wonder? Haven't sat down to read my friends' ljs in a good while... Not like I haven't still been spending most of my days online, just haven't stopped to look. How careless of me... :S I think I'll do that tomorrow. Er, today.

*le sigh* Still got schoolwork, though. How can someone make a living out of an art? It's cruel... I'm tired for no good reason. Blah. Gotta get my life in order.
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