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Artsy me - by Micha

To dye or not to dye...

... that is the question.

I'm not sure you all know, but I once had my hair dyed red. Not a bright red, since I'm a brunette, but red nonetheless. When I decided to stop dying, it took 2 years for my damaged hair to recover. And a lot of cash...

Now I'm tired of the way I look again. Question is: is dying the best alternative? Is it worth the trouble? And, most importantly, what color should I do it this time? =D No, seriously, what color? Some say I should go with bright red, others say purple or dark blue... I honestly cannot decide. Considering that I'll be getting baptized soon, I probably shouldn't go with colors that draw too much attention, right? Is there really a big problem with hair dying (in unnatural colors, that is) ?
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i think there would be. if it was me i'd go for natural colors only.
But why would there be a problem?
because of what you said. it would attract to much attention. and that has to do with modesty. attracting too much attention is not being modest. besides, if it really damaged your hair that much the first time... i dunno. :P