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Artsy me - by Micha

The big one double oh

Yes, it's been a while. I do that.

Lots happened, but I can't possibly remember everything, I'll write whatever comes to mind.

My parents are gone. I don't miss them as much as I believe I should and that hurts me. I'll get over that eventually, but I'm not worried. Growing pains, right?

Therapy's going well. I feel more open. That's a good thing, in case you're wondering.

Leo and I are doing well. He said the "L" word. Calls me "love" now, in a very non-Spike way. I'm not too happy about it, I still don't think he's quite clear about his feelings. It's just too sudden a change. Oh, no, we're not dating. Ministerial servant thing still in the way.

It was my grandpa's b-day yesterday, he turned 70. He looks 50-55, tops, it's amazing. But there's the heart condition (I didn't mention it before? My grandpa has a heart condition.) and he needs surgery. He's been needing it for years and never went through with it, just let his condition get worse and worse and now he's 70 and about to go through open heart surgery. Greeeeeeat... =(

I'll probably get baptized in about 2 months and a half. I thought I would do it last Assembly, but... stuff happened... or didn't happen. Whatever. I think it'll work this time, though.

I'm on vacation, there wasn't a strike after all. I'm not completely happy because this means classes start again on May 10th, so I don't have a lot of time to rest. I'm taking only 5 subjects next semester to see if I can actually pass all the subjects I start for once.

Stephen gaiomard (have I mentioned him before? I'm not sure) has a journal now, so check it out... Uh... maybe not right away, since he hasn't written anything. Yo, Stephen, write something, willya? Well, add him to your friends list and check it out in a few days, kthx? That sooo didn't sound like me... =P

This week has been... something. Can't think of a proper adjective to describe it. I've been avoiding staying home at all costs. Seen 4 movies since Monday. Underworld's good, watch it; Kill Bill 1, watch it 'cause Lucy Liu looks ***great***; Something's Gotta Give is hilarious, if you have nothing better to do, watch it too. And Dawn of the Dead... Damn! I was not expecting any depth, and yet, there it was. Best movie I've seen in a while, not counting the Godfather. I won't talk much about DotD because, well, I'm no movie reviewer and I wouldn't want to give out the ending. But it was the most well-spent 6 bucks of the week. And I've spent a lot of money this week, so that's saying something. If anyone out there's seen it, tell me, did you "get it"?

I wanted to make a big deal out of this post, you know, being the 100th and all. Write about one of the big "issues" in my life or something like that, make an essay out of it. You know what? That was a lousy idea. I'm lazy. Thinking of writing an essay in my journal just made me put off writing at all. That was bad. I missed writing. I've gotten used to it. =P But, hey, a 100th post must be celebrated. So help me out here, guys, let's beat the comment record!!


There, I'm officially a comment whore.


happy 100th! :-)
Thanks! =)
here ya go!

im getting baptised soon too, about july.

have a good one!!

♥ Caris
Me too, July 17th!

How do you make that lil heart thingie?
Hello...you asked me to comment soo... uhhhh comment...lol
sorry still all tired
hee hee Love not in the spike way...i like how you put it
i hope all goes well with you and Leo, you deserve it!!!
i hope the Surgery goes ok, my uncle had it too and he's doing well, and so did Azra's dad and he's fine, so if your grandpa is healthy being that he looks so young i'm sure he'll do fine i mean look at my grandpa he's 90 and has comes close to dying for almost 8 years and he still goes out and about.

anywho tis late..must sleeep sooon
And doesn't everyone just love the way Spike says "love"? Well... the way he does anything, really... Hmmm.... Spike.... *ahem* yes, you go to sleep now.
You are getting baptized, i'm so happy for you!!! :D
oh yeah, you haven't been to lj for awhile. in case you're wondering, this is safetyqueen. i have a new journal now.

Happy 100th post!

NOOOOO, you're not a comment whore. Everbody likes to find comments in their journal, and they know it! ha. And besides, the 100th post is a big deal.

Will it count if I comment like, 40 times? Or did you want 50 original comments? We'll compromise... I'll keep my maximum to 10... and give others a chance....


Re: Happy 100th post!

Who cares about giving others a chance? ;-) hehe
Okay, here's comment #2 by me. Today its really nice outside. So nice I decided to sit out in the sun for a while. I feel like I shouldn't have fallen asleep... but I don't think I'm burnt. I do feel darker though... Which is nice!
How does one "feel darker"?
I'm donating another comment to the cause!
I don't remember what I said in my other comments. So... I'm just going to say this: I love diet coke.
Diet coke is ***evil***!!!
Long live diet pepsi!!! :-P
Aaaand here's another comment! I don't think I'll be able to get it up to 50 single handedly though... I'm bored at work, its been a really slow afternoon. But thats okay, because it leaves me time to post comments! Hooray for comments.

Okay, new topic

"Leo and I are doing well. He said the "L" word. Calls me "love" now, in a very non-Spike way. I'm not too happy about it, I still don't think he's quite clear about his feelings. It's just too sudden a change. Oh, no, we're not dating. Ministerial servant thing still in the way."

So, how do you feel about this? I mean, you're not dating, but he's using the "L" word. I know its good to have his spiritual goals first, but then, well... it seems to me like he's pursing this relationship anyway.

And what is a "non-spike" way?

Re: Okay, new topic

Hehe I meant that it's not in the same way that Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, says it. Spike says "love" with that sexy British accent all the time and, well, everything about him is sexy, and so is the way he says it. Leo's is really, really sweet, but I don't let myself believe that he means it. I hardly ever let myself believe he means anything.

Last Friday when he came to visit (he's been coming every Friday night) he asked if we were dating. I see little difference between this and dating, when he actually asks me to be his girlfriend it'll be a mere formality. I already know he'll ask and when, and he already knows my answer. We just haven't "gone public" yet... At the congregation and when there's other people around (relatives or JWs, not people in general) we "behave properly", as friends. He has even complained a couple of times that I seem cold toward him when we talk after the meetings. But when we're alone, there's not much difference between us and a dating couple...

How wrong is that? :S

And Another!

If I have to keep posting in here every day, we WILL get this counter to 50!!! I AM THE COMMENT DOMINATOR.

Which kind of sounds like common denominator. hahaha. I'M THE QUEEN OF MATH! hahahaha. Thats fun.

Have you ever flown before? I'm getting ready to go on a trip, and I've never been on a plane. I was wondering if you had any tips you'd like to pass on, if you have.

*ms. common denominator*