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Epiphanies are fun. They have this way of making you feel kind of numb inside, not totally without emotions, but just very calm, at peace with yourself. Sometimes that's all we could hope for.

I couldn't help a friend. Those of you who know me might have an idea of how painful this is for me. I really thought I had done everything in my power to make her see what was the best decision. But in the end it was her decision to make, and I had almost no influence on it at all.

It crushed me. I was torn between wanting to help her being supportive or drilling her on "how wrong she is" or simply walking away and sulking for not being listened to or feeling crappy for not doing enough to help. The last one won.

The thing is (and this is a well-known fact, it just had never quite sunk in yet) I DO NOT have the power to make others see what I think is the best course of action. No one does. In the end everyone just does what they themselves think is best. All we can do is try to help, because we can't really help at all. At the same time, this means that any help we give is all the help we can possibly give. It depends more on intention than effectiveness.

I'm glad.

Coming soon: a discussion on human's natural selfishness. Hmm... I wonder if I should post this on the debate community...
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