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Artsy me - by Micha

LJDrama and ikkkon thievery

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah People, they're just icons for christsake!

nekolizzeh and her friends at i_theft would be really annoying if I didn't find them so amusing. I'm fighting the urge to flame her (poor girl, I think she's had enough already. LOL!)

I have to agree with this one comment on LJD that says that "The icon world is much much much more complicated to explain in a short paragraph" is the best quote ever!

Please, please, please, Dani, promise me you won't become an icon nazi. Please. I'd have to put you out of your misery. ;)

PS.: I added kkk_membership to my friends list. I can't afford to miss any more drama!
(kkk stands for Krispy Kreme Kicks ass. They haven't so far made a single comment against any minorities. I wouldn't have added them if they had.)</smal>