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A good day

Woke up too late to go to field service, that wasn't good. I was pretty much late the whole day. But let's back this up to last night.

At the congregation. Claudia showed up, which is a near-miracle. She didn't stay much after the meeting 'cause she was really tired. Then Leo said he wanted to do something 'cause everyone at his place was out of town, so I got a few other people to go to this burger place near the congregation. It was so much fun! We were there until after midnight.

Today I woke up at 11 AM. I was supposed to meet with these two friends of mine at 2:15 to go to Leo's place, but I went out for lunch with my grandparents and didn't get to their place until 3 PM. We went to Leo's and rented a movie. That was actually the first time I ever went to his place... It's pretty nice.

Anyway. We watched the movies and played games. Not anything fancy. That's why I feel so stupid. We didn't do anything great. So why do I feel like it was a great day? Just 'cause I spent a few hours with him. The day didn't start well, the part of it that I was with him, we weren't alone, we didn't do anything super cool or anything, and it still feels like a great day. Just 'cause he was there. Aren't I just the cutest stupid high schooler with a crush? Except for the cute part, 'cause after a certain age it just looks stupid to have a crush like that. And, you know, I'm not a high schooler.

He said it was great. Just before we left, he said he had a great day... I'm going to sleep thinking about that. Gawd, I'm being such a little girly girl! I hate feeling like this.
I hate that I love feeling like this.
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