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Wednesday night after the meeting - now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Claudia missed the meeting again. That girl seriously need some sense beaten into her!! Grrrrrrrrrr I haven't seen her since mid-December!

Leo asked for my help with math problems, which is odd 'cause he's really good with math. I'll try not to read too much into that (yeah, and monkeys are gonna boycott bananas).

On a totally unrelated incident: I discovered I have a kind-of-gothy side!! (That explains the rants, doesn't it?). Good Charlotte kicks ass. Bauhaus and SoM are pretty good. I'm still educating myself on the musical aspects of this, especially because before being any kind of Goth-poser*, I'm a Jehovah's witness, so that comes first.

Anyway, in celebration of my new sub-culture orientation I am changing my blog's design ('cause the avies of me in Goth make up are pretty much b&w, so they don't look too good with the blue skies - yellow stars thing).

*No, I'm not a goth, I'm a poser. I mean, I was just surfing the net and happened upon a goth site and decided "hey, I agree with most of that! that's so cool! I wonder what bands they listen to". I'm just a bored preppy girl who likes GC and decided to use that as an excuse to wear black and put on a lot of eye-liner in the morning.

Ps.: And leather accessories with metal spikes!! Gotta luv leather and spikes...
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