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Artsy me - by Micha


It's the third time I've had one of the "bad ones", stomachaches. This time my parents weren't around to help. This kind of thing makes me seriously consider having the surgery. Let me start again.

Did I mention I have gall stones? This means that if I eat too much junk food or greasy food I get a stomachache. Most times it's just a slight discomfort, but every once in a while I *really* screw up and get a "bad one". I had that twice while I was in Canada. About one hour of nausea and blinding pain in hot waves that make you feel like if you move, you'll pass out. And you kind of want to pass out, just so you're not in so much pain anymore, but you're too weak to move.

Both of those times my parents were there. The first time I ended up in the hospital at 5 AM, the second I didn't, but that's 'cause I already had the medication the hospital gave me the first time. And we were in a hotel on vacation, so we didn't know any hospitals nearby.

This time was different. Mommy and daddy weren't here, so the thought of passing out on my bed when I feel like I might throw up and nobody knows I need help really frightened me. And I really don't know where all the shivering came from, I never had that before. But I think it actually helped, or at least it seemed like the harder I shivered, the easier the pain got.

I certainly have to thank Jehovah. Throughout the stomachache I was praying and asking him to help me, especially considering he was the only one around...

This whole thing did make me realize from experience something about (imperfect) human nature that's both good and very bad. We're forgetful. Every time I have a stomachache I promise to myself to eat healthier, and I do for a while. Then it's like I forget how bad it can get if I don't, so I start eating like before again and have another stomachache, the cycle repeating itself every few months.

All those stories about the Hebrews forgetting the things Jehovah did for them in the past, that was completely due to their imperfection, which explains why Jehovah forgave them (and us) every time they asked for forgiveness, and shows how understanding he is. I realized that this means that, as long as we're not in the new world yet, we're going to have to keep making a very strong effort to be grateful. It's not going to be easy and come naturally someday, not until we're perfect. Also, that might be exactly the aspect of our nature Jehovah will use to keep the former things from 'coming up into the heart' (Isa 65:17).


wow. that sounds really bad. i am adding you to my friends list, i hope you don't mind. feel free to do the same if you'd like.
Woah, how did a post about pain like that induce you to add me as your friend???

Not that I'm complaining or anything. I added you back. :)
haha...i had intended to add u before reading the post :)
Yeah, that makes more sense. :)
Your icon's really cute, btw.

Re: Wow Andi

I'm not sure if they can be removed, I'd have to get a bunch of tests. Some of them might involve needles, so I've been putting them off...

And I think I should stress that the theory our natural forgetfulness is related to Isa 65:17 is totally mine, so it's not exactly very reliable. I just caught myself during the pain wondering how I could've forgotten how bad my stomachaches can get and neglected my diet. Again. Pain, especially very strong ones, aren't the kind of thing one would forget easily, but we do. So I figured that, in the new world, with Jehovah's help we'd be able to forget even greater pains.

Thanks for the well-wishes.
ewww...that sucks
i hope it doesnt happen anymore...sounds painful
It is very painful and it probably will keep happening every once in a while until I get the surgery... But, really, I just have to watch what I eat...
well at least theres some way you can kinda control it, until you get the surgery done
well hang in there...
Thanks ♥